Our equestrian arena work initially began with enquiries for repairs to problem arenas (built by others) and to this day they are often called upon to repair poorly built arenas that present problems eg- pooling, poor or no drainage, stones coming through the top surface, excessive dust, surface loss and deterioration, uneven levels and surfaces.

Founder and GM Carl Packer says

The thing to remember about building an arena is that it’s a specialist construction job for experts.  There’s no quick, cheap, easy option, no simple shortcuts if you want your arena to perform well and to be safe and comfortable for you and your horse.  The best, most cost effective way to build an arena is to do it right the first time.

We build arenas that are well-drained, have even grades and a surface(with watering system-recommended) that allows every horse to reach its potential whether it be in dressage, show jumping, western riding or whatever you’re in to.

In recent years we have gained extensive experience with arena surfaces, experimenting, trialling and mixing many products both local and imported to be able to provide clients with quality surface options.

A well-built equestrian arena is one that works well for both horse and rider, minimises or eliminates injuries, works well in all weather, requires minimal maintenance and lasts for many years.

Specialists in building arenas, we also build round yards, stables, wash down bays, walkways, tracks, fencing required and other related equestrian facilities from “go to whoa”.

Talk to us today about your requirements.  Carl will be happy to give you a free quote and consultation.

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