We used Liberty Contractors who did a great job laying hotmix on the entrance area and stable hardstand. When we needed work on the arena surface it was great to be able to call on them.

We’d had the arena for 12 years but the surface had become patchy and uneven. Liberty Arenas carefully cleared the existing surface to the side without damaging the base, laid new sand and integrated the old surface. They then did a great levelling and smoothing job to leave a really good surface to ride on.

This will set us up for many more years of use.

Peter and Viv Jameson

As a professional dressage rider, it is of the utmost importance that my horses work on a good surface. Liberty Contractors recently re surfaced my arena at home and it is fantastic to work on!

As a coach I see a lot of arenas in the greater Auckland area and this rubber sand mix from Liberty is by far the best I’ve seen! It has the right depth and is even in it’s distribution, has the right amount of cohesion to not move under foot and enough spring to not make it deep or hard but without giving a false sense of suspension in the horses movement.

My own horse, Ranfurly Axel, is a very big warmblood, and is notoriously fussy about arena surface depth and stability, and he loves this surface!

I would recommend Liberty Contractors to anyone looking at a new arena or wanting to upgrade an old one.

Vay Snyman